TotalCalc Features...  
Full Trigonometry functions
Sin, Cos and Tan functions
Inverse Sin, Cos and Tan functions
Hyperbolic Sin, Cos and Tan functions
Inverse Hyperbolic Sin, Cos and Tan functions
Log to the base e (Natural log) - Ln
Log to the base 10 - Log
Calculate positve and negative powers
Pi to 14 decimal places
Trigonometry functions accurate to 13 decimal places
Factorial button
Memory functions, all buttons on main screen
Fraction buttons - works out fractions to any decimal accurate to six decimal places
Percentage button - quickly works out percentages for you
Rnd button - for random number generation
Accuracy settings - set the number of decimal places you want the answer to be too
Answers in both, Degrees and Radians
exponential function e^x button
Ans button - use the answer from your previous calculation in the new one.
Exp button for easily multiplying numbers by a factor of 10
Intelligent Syntax analysis
Edit your input box at any time - move back and forward and delete characters
Previous calculation stored - can go back to it at any time
Stores last calculation and answer along with memory store away to file.
Mini help text, with quick reference for all the functions
Modern 3D effect buttons
Cut and copy calculations into other applications like Word or Excel
Paste calulations from other programs, such as Excel or Outlook

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